Example of feasibility study

TB-Traxler GmbH offers products and components to do feasibility studies and prototypes. Depending on the project TBT has a wide range of highly spezialized producers and distributors for cameras , objectives, lighting systems, embedded computer and software design.

The Team of TBT are experts to design and develop software. We are working with Qt, C, C++, .Net, OpenCV, etc.

The requirements of automatic detection systems and inspection systems in different industry and traffic areas increases constantly. The systems of the future are more intelligent assistance systems, which are able to act and react more and more autonomous. Especially during planning and establishing of such systems there are worldwide a small number of experts, who are able to consider the physical and technical details. The quality of planning makes the different between success or failure of your project, because the detection rate or the false alarm rate have to match with norm requirements or customer specifications.

TB-Traxler GmbH is a international operating company, which is located in Krems at the river Danube. The activities of the company are the technological and organizational consulting of manufacturers and end users, contract research and development of pattern recognition methods and the planning and design of safety-, quality assurance and control systems. This broad aera of operation can be explained by the long experience of the founder DI Johannes Traxler with the management of development and implementation of projects and business units.

The niche in which TB-Traxler GmbH has established itself, is constantly growing and especially customers – who already had experience or even failures with pattern recognition methods – appreciate professional Consulting and support in project implementation and operation. The experience in the past has shown that with the relevant know-how (requirements engineering, agile processes, approval processes, etc.) and the associated network of TB-Traxler GmbH with universities, engineering companies and manufacturers, the success of a pattern or event detection is assured. If a project is physically not detachable then it is communicated to the customer at early stages of the project. Therefore no unnecessary investment of installation or retreating work occurs. This is the result of independence of manufacturers. The top priority is always the objective of the customer and high customer service.

By consulting activity also issues relating dedicated customer solutions occurs, which are not available on the market or commercially not meet customer requirements. In such cases, TB-Traxler GmbH is completely flexible on the way to the final product stage, from research, development and funding in-house, in order to sell either directly to the customer or offer the solution to interested manufacturers in this industry. Of course, the protection of such innovations is an essential role. The experience in this aera is regarding previous patents and utility model applications at TB-Traxler GmbH available.