Welcome to TB-Traxler GmbH, your partner for challenging projects and scopes. Do you have innovative ideas about sensor technology, pattern recognition, imaging processing or do you have reached already your implementation process? We are your competent partner to support you. Pattern recognition and digital signal processing is a special and diversified subject, which is applicated in different industry- and science areas. The principles of the various approaches are copied by nature, which are algorithms for patternextraction, learning and understanding. The field of application reaches from medicine technology to safety technology. It’s a big challenge at every area of application to achieve a sufficient quality of recognition- and detectionrate and at the same time to keep down the false acceptance rate. A competent consulting before you start your project is the key element for your technical success and safes your valuable time. To bring your idea to a successfull project, it is necessary to have the suitability for your principle technical innovation as well as the commercialization of your intended product.

Therefore it is not only important to know the market or to get to know the market, which you design your product for, it is also essential to be yourself aware of the potential of your idea. By analyzing these informations fundamentely it is possible to plan the financial resources and the return of investment.