About us

Example: industrial camera for feasibility study

TB-Traxler GmbH (abbr.: TBT) is a company, which is highly specialized to give competent advice and support to customers, who are concentrated on traffic- or rail safety engineering, industry safety engineering or safety engineering in common. We are looking for the optimal solution for your project.

We are experts to deploy and develop the appropriate technologies and to find the best proportion between costs and benefit to implement your product. The team of TBT has a special know how to identify and calculate the theoretical as well as the practical limits of project realization, which depends on the fundamental physically princips. We are able to indicate and locate the limits of your project before you even start it, to keep you safe from loss of time and money.

Resolution I

Example: image resolution determination

Additionaly we are experts in measuring and approving of road safety and incident detection systems. We are able to determine gaps and resolution restrictions for each video based incident detection system. We are focusing on the “Johnson Criteria” and have the know how to adopt them to your specific parameters.

More than 15 years of working experience of our team at pattern recognition and image processing is your guarantee for a qualified, measureable and reproducible analysis of your scope. TBT stands for highly professional and efficient project companionship with more than 12 years working experience with implementing international projects. Therby we always consider relevant influences and measurement parameters. Additionally we are experts in realizing video detection systems for railway undertakings, which makes us able to share this important knowledge for any kind of sensor systems for the railway industry. This starts with choosing the appropriate components, the design of the software and ends with the decision of the right producers.

The team of TBT work with prodecure models, such as SCRUM or project handling models, such as the V-model and are able to plan a project with all its structures and processes